May 26, 2024
synthesia ai 50m kleiner perkins

Synthesia, a startup that offers AI-based tool to create synthetic videos recently closed a $50 million Series B funding round. The avatars created by the platform walk a fine line between being creepy and being cool. synthesia ai 50m series kleiner perkins. The funding round was led by Kleiner Perkins, and participation from GV as well as some existing investors like LDV Capital, Firstmark Capital, Seedcamp and MMC Ventures. With Synthesia turning text or a slide deck presentation into a video, and making it more interactive with a talking avatar, is a cakewalk.

The robust tool renders the ability to leverage existing avatars, created from the performance of actors, or even create a new one. All this can be done with a minimalistic effort that too in minutes by uploading some video. It even enables the users to upload a recording of their voice, which can be further transformed to say just about anything.

The startup is focusing exclusively on enterprise clients. It doesn’t allow anyone and everyone to use the platform as such powerful tool be used for evil. The tool offered by Synthesia is predominantly used for creating training videos. Alongside it can be used for monthly updates to the broader team or for delivering information that would, otherwise, come via email.

According to the CEO of Synthesia, the company has introduced the ability to create videos featuring an avatar that looks and feels like a real person. The avatar can either don the looks of an unknown actor or even the CEO, or employee of the respective company. The user-friendly platform can also help in increasing the realism and adds a sliding scale for emotional expression, etc.

Synthesia not only makes video creation easier via an AI-enabled platform, but also ensures the safety of users and the credibility of their own platforms.