April 10, 2024
Pop a bottle of Veuve Clicquot

Graduate from university and out comes the champagne. Get a promotion and out comes the champagne. This drink is reserved for the biggest and best occasions. The fact that you’re here means that you’ve wondered why there is such a strong bond between celebrations and champagne. How did it become the norm that champagne was the highest level of celebration? We’re going to answer this question today.

We can actually go back to the royal courts of Europe to find the answer, so many centuries. Champagne was often served at coronations and other grand ceremonies, making it a symbol of luxury and success. Over time, this association spread beyond the ruling classes and became popular among all social classes. The barriers are smaller and anyone who wants champagne to celebrate can probably find one in budget.

Those who enjoy champagne can still probably admit that it has a unique taste. Unlike other sparkling wines, which are carbonated through a process called “forced carbonation,” champagne is produced using the traditional method of creating bubbles. It doesn’t sound attractive but champagne uses ‘secondary fermentation”. This creates smaller and more refined bubbles that give champagne its signature taste and texture. Therefore, it’s not just the status symbol that draws people to champagne, but also its distinct flavor profile. Every time you have a glass you can think of the smaller bubbles – it sounds like a myth but it really is fact. Pop a bottle of Veuve Clicquot or another favorite and tell your friends this fact.

We don’t just drink champagne, we often do toasts too. The act of popping a bottle and clinking glasses has become synonymous with expressing joy, gratitude, and good wishes. It’s no surprise that people automatically reach for the champagne when it’s time to celebrate an achievement or milestone. Traditions are all the same in that they start as trends, small things that people do. Then they become habit before ingraining themselves into our lives.

There’s also something to be said for the culture side of things. It’s not too much of a stretch to say that champagne is linked with elegance, fanciness, and luxury. Pull a champagne from the friend and somebody will say ‘ooh, get you’. From its iconic flute glass to the popping of the cork, every aspect of champagne exudes luxury and refined taste. In fact, many high-end events and parties feature champagne as the drink of choice, further cementing its image as a symbol of success and prestige. Luxury is linked with champagne and champagne is linked with luxury. This story has grown and grown over  the years.

We also shouldn’t forget the romantic link. We save the champagne for anniversaries, weddings, and the important life moments. The more we do this the more the drink is associated with the best memories. The pop of the cork and the effervescence of the bubbles add an element of excitement and celebration to these special moments. Plus, there’s just something inherently romantic about sipping on a glass of champagne with your significant other. It just feels special, right? You have a glass of champagne in your glass and you know that you’re being treated to a special occasion.

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